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Listed below are the standard sizes of Weisser products stocked by Transformer Parts. Should you need something on the Weisser site not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can order it in for you.
To locate information on the required bobbin, select the line with the Leg and Stack size, note the Art No, select the "Weisser Bobbins" link below and in the search box enter the Art No. of the product you are interested in.

Standard Stack Sizes on Weisser Bobbins we stock in Austalia

Leg x Stack
Weisser Bobbin
Part Number
Art. No
16mm x 16mm UI 48/17/1 Wz 6195a/1 1843
16mm x 25mm UI 48/26/1 Wz 6195b/1 1518
25mm x 25mm UI 75/25.5/1OD Wz 6285a/1OD 1881
25mm x 40mm UI 75/41.5/1OD Wz 6285b/1OD 1373
30mm x 30mm UI 90/31.5/1OD Wz 6321a/1OD 1166
30mm x 40mm UI 90/41.5/1OD Wz 6321/1OD 1503
30mm x 50mm UI 90/51.5/b1OD Wz 6321b/1OD 1189
40mm x 40mm UI 120/40/1OD Wz 6301/1OD 1779
40mm x 50mm
UI 120/50/1OD Wz 6301/1OD 1851
40mm x 60mm
UI 120/60/1OD Wz 6301/1OD 1454
40mm x 70mm
UI 120/70/1OD Wz 6301/1OD 1543
50mm x 50mm
UI 150/52/1OD Wz 6547a/1OD 1989
50mm x 75mm
UI 150/77/1OD Wz 6547b/1OD 1595
50mm x 90mm
UI 150/92/1OD Wz 6547/1OD 3434
60mm x 60mm
UI 180/63/1OD Wz 6860a/1OD 1592
60mm x 75mm
UI 180/78/1OD Wz 6860b/1OD 1196
60mm x 90mm
UI 180/92/1OD Wz 6860c/1OD 1816

1OD – Indicates the bobbin is not centre divided.
2OD – Indicates the bobbin is centre divided.


Terminal Strips

Terminal Strip

Insulating Body: Polyamide 6 nature.
Clamping Body: Brass Nickel plated.
Wire Protection: Phosphor Bronze
Clamping Screw: Steel, zink plated and chromated.
Rated Temperature: 100ºC, short time peak temperature 170ºC.
Tracking Resistance KB > 600 as per DIN 53480.
Terminal strips type DS make use of connectors which are fitted with a wire protection spring.
This spring prevents damage to the solid or stranded wire being connected.
All metal parts are captive and cannot be lost.
All terminal strips are supplied with the clamping screws in the "open" position, ready for wiring.
Terminal strips are easily cut to the required number of poles with a knife or saw.

Phone or email for more detailed technical information regarding each type of strip.


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